Engagement shall be rewarded. Therefore the most successful competitors of the Chemistry Olympiad receive great prizes for their performances.


Book prizes

For successful competitors of the first and second round.

State seminars

Each state (some together with other states) organises several-day-long seminars in cooperation with industrial companies and universities. Having fun with chemistry and the exchange with other paticipants is most important during these seminars.

Language study travels

Financial support for language study travels of Steinfels is granted to the competitors of the 3rd round. The amount of the support depends on the number of students who take the offer — usually 25-50% of the over-all cost.


The competitors of the 3rd round are offered two-week-long internships in the summerbreak organised by the FChO.

The first to fourth placed competitors of the 4th round get to travel to the IChO. Organised by the FChO the following 2-3 students get internships in another european country or the US. For 2-4 weeks the students can research in renowned universities: Nashville (USA), Zurich, Antwerp, Gothenburg, Copenhagen were destinations in the past.

Seminar for the 4th round

All competitors of the 4th round are invited to a week-long seminar in changing places by the FChO. In the past these places were the German Museum in Munich, the BASF in Ludwigshafen and the capital of Germany Berlin. The schedule always includes a wide-ranging mixture of science, culture, training and pleasure.


Once a year the FChO organises a three-day-long scientific workshop. Competitors of the 4th round get a convention grant.

German National Academic Foundation

The four membered German team are awarded scholarships by the German National Academic Foundation. Therefore they receive a monthly grant for their upcoming university studies.

Taking part is worth doing in any case!